John Legend

male - puppy
21 lbs.
Status: adopted

Age: 6-7 months
Sex: Male
Cats: Unknown
Kids: Yes, 10+
Dogs: Yes, high energy preferred
Housetrained: Almost there!
Housing requirement: Single family home
Private Fenced-in yard: Required

This is John Legend, one of the Texarkana 23 puppies. He has recently been neutered, wormed and microchipped. Legend has also had cherry eye surgery in both eyes.

Legend is a very energetic, playful puppy that also enjoys getting cuddles and snuggling. He would do best in a home where his owner is able to be home often, and where he has a dog buddy. He is still a puppy, and when he plays he doesn’t necessarily know how rough he is playing or when to stop. He would do best with an active dog that also loves to play. He loves toys and playing tug of war with his foster brother. Legend needs a tall fenced-in backyard as he is quite the jumper and able to sail right over his Xpen.

Legend would also be a good candidate for agility training. He loves running and jumping over and under obstacles, including a running slide to get under a couch to hide toys from his foster brother. He has also been known to run up the slide in the backyard playset.

Legend loves every person or older child that he meets. He will need some puppy training to learn better manners (i.e. not jumping on people), but he is very sweet to everyone. When it is time to quiet down and stop playing, he loves snuggling on your lap or being held like a baby.

He is very vocal when he is being left home or left in a crate, and when he thinks it is time to get up in the morning and go outside. He has been getting significantly better at not crying whenever he wants something or feels left out, but still has some work to do on that.

He is not completely potty trained yet, but if he does go in the house, he will go on a pee pad. He has gotten significantly better with potty training in the last month.  He is incredibly food motivated which will help with his continued training.

As with all the Texarkana23 puppies, John had a rough, scary start in life, but has put all of this behind him and is ready for his forever family to welcome him home.