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Status: Pending

Jake is a lively, loving, handsome 2-year-old brindle Frenchie who loves playing fetch, meeting people, and super close snuggles. He is still full of puppy energy, and enjoys long walks, wrestling with his foster sister, and playing with any kind of toy – chewing antlers, playing tug-of-war, or chasing his chicken ball. On the leash, Jake is mostly a very good walker, but does tend to try to bolt after squirrels or bunnies. He would enjoy a fenced in yard, but due to his curiosity and agility, it would have to be very secure to prevent accidental escapes!

Although Jake likes to play with his foster sister (an older French Bulldog) he is first and foremost a people-focused dog. He will pull on the leash to meet people on the street, and he will jump up for kisses and pets if allowed. He likes to wrestle and be chased, either by his foster sister or his people. He can be mouthy when playing if he gets worked up. At home, if he’s not playing, he’s sleeping either by his people’s feet or on their laps. At 24 lbs, he’s a whole lapful of dog, and he really prefers to be IN the lap rather than next to it! Jake has always been around people who work from home, although he seems to be fine with short-term absences. He goes in his crate at night with a little peanut butter but will bark if he wakes up before the rest of the house (sometimes as early at 4 am).

During the day, Jake spends his time out of the crate. He is about 80% potty trained, but he sometimes has accidents when left in the house or if over-excited by people going in and out. He does a good job of using pee pads, and he will also come with some belly bands.

With the other dog in the house, Jake is cuddly and playful. On walks, he would really like to meet other dogs, but can sometimes be a bit too much for shy or more reactive ones. His rambunctious play style would work well with another young dog, or a more tolerant older one. At the vet, he is curious and friendly, but can be resistant to having his ears cleaned. His foster parents have not had any issues with being able to clean his ears, paws, etc at home.

Jake came into rescue with cystine bladder stones, and as a result, will need to be on a specialty diet only – no treats of any kind other than bits of his kibble. Fortunately, he is a great eater and enjoys his prescription food. He will also need occasional tests to ensure that he is not developing further stones.

The ideal home for Jake would have someone who is in the house most of the day. A dog walker or doggie day care would also work, but with his high energy levels and attachment to people, Jake would not be happy left alone for more than a few hours during the day. Jake would love a doggie sibling (or two!) and would be fine with children who are old enough to play with and who understand he can not have any other treats or food besides his prescription kibble. He would most likely not be great in a home with cats, as he does have a high “chase” drive with rabbits and squirrels.

Jake’s adoption fee is $950

Jake is hoping to find his forever home in time to celebrate his 3rd Birthday on October 26th 🙂