female - puppy
Status: adopted

Isabelle aka Izzy is a SMART and fun loving 7-month-old puppy who has been keeping her foster family on their toes. She came into CFBR with parvo and has fortunately made a full recovery. She’s a great little watch dog and will alert you if she hears something or when someone comes to the door but is crated trained and sleeps there every night without a peep. She enjoys being “tucked in” when it’s time for bed with her blanket and will sleep from 9:30-10pm until about 7:30-8am the next morning.

Izzy eats twice a day and in under a minute. Because of this, and some aggressive tendencies when food is involved, she and her 8-year-old foster brother are separated during mealtime. We set her food down in front of her and tell her to wait and she will not go for her bowl until she’s given the command to do so.She spends most days on the lap of her foster mom while she is at work but when she gets home, life is ALL ABOUT THE BALL She will play fetch for as long as you will throw it and usually needs mandated ball breaks implemented by her foster parents!

She is still working on her potty training and occasionally has accidents in the house (#1 only). She has not mastered signaling when she needs to tinkle but about 30 minutes after she eats, she will be ready to 💩 . She will poop almost every time she goes out, even if she doesn’t really have to.

She is extremely sweet and loving and enjoys a good snuggle. However, she is a puppy and can be a little mouthy during playtime. If you tell her to be sweet or say kisses those teething nips will turn into licks, for that reason she would not do well with families with young children that are 8 and under.

Izzy hears the commands leave-it and drop-it quite often as she likes to eat everything in sight… especially the fall leaves 🍃 but even fuzz she finds on the floor; she doesn’t not discriminate. Her new family will need to be very vigilant with her while working through this bad habit.

She is GREAT in the car and will make an excellent road dog!

Izzy would do best as an only dog or with a resident dog that that is very laid back and shows little to no interest in toys or bones, as she has shown aggression towards other dogs when food or toys are involved. She does great with play time when it doesn’t include toys or food/bones, so keeping her socialized and active is a must but should only be a play date and not a dinner date!
Izzy’s favorite treat is ICE and will patiently wait by the freezer when it’s opened for you to give her a piece!

Izzy loves to explore, and we are continuing to work on her pulling when on leash.  She is usually very timid when approached/approaching other dogs she meets when out for walks but once she has the proper introduction, she’s ready play!

Izzy is spayed- up to date on her vaccines- heart worm negative- micro chipped. She would not do well with a family that has children under 8 years old- needs a home that will continue to help her with her potty training and leash walking. Also, would love being an only dog in her new home and with a family that has a laid back frenchie who doesn’t play with toys or bones that she would fight over. If you think you can keep up with her puppy antics and make sure she doesn’t wear you out and chew on things she shouldn’t -she may b the ideal match for you! If you have read all of this info and feel you are the ideal forever home for her- please apply- her adoption fee is $1150.