male - adult
Status: adopted

Age: 6 Years
Sex: male
Cats: No
Kids: Yes, 10+
Dogs: Frenchie or pug yes
Housetrained: Almost there!

Harley is truly an amazing dog and whomever is the lucky family to adopt him- it will be like winning the lottery!

Hi!  My name is Harley, but my foster Mom calls me has man nicknames for me – Harley Barley, Harlton Heston, Mr. Perfect  and Baby Face. .I just answer to all of them because she gives out lots of pats and TREATS!  And I LOOOVVEEE treats!  Being a puppy mill dog for 6 years, can you believe I did not even know what treats were?!?!?  Or toys, walks, cuddles, playtime or LOVE.  So now I’m making up for lost time with ALL OF IT (especially the love part) – I want to be everywhere my foster family is because I am learning so much and I just love people, dogs, kids and everyone.  And if you sit down, you better get ready because I will find a way to get into your lap for some cuddling!  You might not even notice. . .you could just be sitting there and all of a sudden, BOOM there is Harley in your lap for a million cuddles!  You’re welcome!  And even though I may have had a rough start – you would never even know it from personality.   I pride myself on being polite and sweet and very eager to please.  I don’t have an aggressive bone in my body and am the most gentle pup you will meet.  I am just so, SO grateful for everything now and I want it to be obvious! I am doing great with learning how to potty outside – I know to let my foster Mom know I have to go by standing by the door, but sometimes if she isn’t  paying attention I forget and might have an accident – but as soon as I am reminded I stop and go outside.  I know I am really smart and I really want to make my foster Mom happy so I know I will get it in no time.  Until then, I (obviously) am used to spending time in my crate.  I never complain about it at all – even though I really would rather be on the couch!  In fact, I am hoping that I find my voice soon because I know that dogs bark, I just never have in a while and I have to remember how.  And did I mention that I love cuddling and most of all – the couch?  I did?  Well, another thing that is weird that my legs are a little weak from all the sitting in the cage, so while I am getting good at jumping on the couch, I still need to strengthen my legs a bit and am looking forward to nice weather and lots of walks.  I learned how to walk up and down stairs and do it slowly but surely, but the wooden stairs inside the house make me really nervous and I need some more confidence is all.  Finally, I am working with my foster sister on learning to come and sit and stuff like that.  It’s hard!  I am so excited she pays attention to me, it is hard to focus!  But I really need to learn it because I sometimes get distracted and want to run out the front door or squeeze through the fence – o my new family will need to keep a close eye always on me so I don’t escape and get lost or stolen!  I am seeing so many things like squirrels for the first time!  And they look DELICIOUS!  All and all, I’m a pretty laid back, easy-going guy.  I’m really over that whole puppy phase (with the chewing and yipping and stuff) but still super young at heart – so I love to play but love the cuddling even more.   If you are thinking of me, I have one question. . .do you have treats and a couch?  Paws crossed!

I would love a frenchie or pug as a sister hopefully in my new home that would play and cuddle with me and the rescue said they would work on finding just the right home for me. You do have to watch me closely because I like to explore everything I am discovering in this big new world out of the mill with my mouth- like remotes and phones and other things too. I play a little mouthy like frenchies do- so little children wouldn’t work in my new home sadly. I love people and love life- who knew all these wonderful things we out in the world because for 6 years, I lived in a small wire cage in a building with no sunshine and was often dark and sometimes cold. I didn’t get love and was only touched to get semen from me.

I am neutered- fecal negative and heart worm negative- micro chipped- shots are up to date and come with a bed, leash, harness, collar and some of my current food. My adoption fee is $450 – I think I am worth every penny because the love I have to share is priceless!