Freddie Mercury

male - puppy
Status: adopted

My name is Freddie Mercury. I am a deaf 2 year old Boston Terrier. I have a ton of puppy energy and absolutely love attention. Although I may not be able to hear you I listen great to hand commands, like a fist for sit, and a flat hand for lie down.

I love to play with my toys. My favorite is playing fetch with a bouncy ball, or tug of war with a bone. I am telling you now don’t temp me with a stuffed toy, I promise you will not recognize it within minutes.

I appreciate routines. My schedule consists of a walk around 7:00am, 5:00pm, and 9:00pm. I am very good at letting you know when I need to go out, just in case you forget. I eat breakfast around 7:00am and dinner around 5:00pm. I am great on walks by the way. As soon as that leash is attached to my harness or favorite vest I am the best behaved puppy. As for food, I eat 1 ½ cups of dry food each sitting, but don’t forget to spoil me with treats when I’m a good boy! My favorite snacks are bananas and apples, but I also love cheese even though it makes me gassy!

I also love to sleep. I take plenty of naps in my dog bed while in my pen as my foster parents are at work. I am the best cuddler. I cuddle up under the covers in bed with my foster parents. I will warn you I do have the littlest snore, I can only image it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever hear.

Sometimes my allergies act up so I get Benadryl, my foster parents usually wrap it in cheese (they think I don’t know, but I do and I don’t care because I love cheese that much.)

My ideal home has another small dog that has a lot of energy too so we can become the best of friends. Did I mention I also love kids? I can help teach children about responsibility and commitment. In return, I promise my companionship and unconditional love. A family did adopt me but my barking to get their boston to play with me stressed him out- so probably no forever home with people who live in an apartment or condo for me. I didn’t bark that much in my foster home because their frenchie only played with me a little bit and I would just go lay down and chew on my antler.

Freddie loves people and other dogs and is just a sweetheart but if his barking is going to bother you or your dog- he wouldn’t be a good match at all.

His adoption fee is $750 and he is neutered- up to date on vaccines- heart worm and fecal negative- comes with his bed, leash- collar- harness and some of his current food.