male - puppy
Status: adopted


Hi there!  It’s Frankie here.  If you’re reading this, it means you saw my pic and just had to know more about me.  Right?  Well here goes…

Back in April the rescue got a call about a four-month-old boy Frenchie puppy (me) in need of a soft landing.  Oh, and that I was blind.  CFBR swooped in and found me a foster home right away.  They got me into an eye specialist the very next day.  The doctor says I have no vision at all and was born this way.  It’s ok.  It’s all I know.  I see the world my own way!

Since I’ve been in my foster home, I’ve learned so much!  I’ve learned how to navigate all over the house without bumping into things.  When I first came, people picking me up made me very nervous.  My foster mom taught me vocal cues like ‘up, up” when I’m going to be picked up, and ‘careful’ when I’m about to bump into something.  That really helped.  Now I’m used to being picked up and I like it!  When people first meet me at my house or out and about, they are so surprised to learn that I’m blind!  I act just like any playful Frenchie puppy!  And speaking of play, boy do I love puppy play!   I have a 3yo Frenchie foster brother who I wrestle around with for hours!  Then when we’ve had enough play, he lets me nap with him in his bed.  He and my 11yo Frenchie foster sister have really shown me the ropes.  They are my seeing-eye dogs for sure.  That’s why in my forever home I’ll need an awesome, well-balanced, playful dog to be my bestie.

When I first got here, I was afraid to go outside.  I had never felt grass under my paws and had never pottied outdoors.  There are two steps that l needed to navigate down to get outside.  It took me a while, but once I figured them out, I started going out on my own instead of being carried.  It took some time, but now I’m officially well and truly potty trained!  I will have to figure things out in my new space, so you’ll have to be patient with me while I’m transitioning to your home. I love learning and you will be rewarded with love and all-day kisses from me!  I spent the week at another foster home while my family was on vacation and did great.  I figured things out the first day I was there and had a great time with their resident Frenchie.  I love exploring new places!

Have I told you I’m a snuggle bug?  One of my favorite things is to curl up in my human’s lap and have a lovely snooze.  I also like to nap during the day on my fluffy bed in my small x-pen.  I sleep in there at night too, but some nights I wake up because I need to go potty, then straight back to sleep.  I will let you know I’m up because I will yell LOUDLY for you to come get me.  My foster mom thinks that if my forever humans let me sleep with them, I will probably sleep through the night.  During the day I love to go on walks with my foster brother.  We like to take in all the smells and usually have a poop along the way.  If we’re out in the yard you need to keep a close eye on me because I want to eat EVERYTHING!  My foster mom calls me the mulch muncher!  I get growly if you try to take it from me because I can’t see you and get startled.  That’s why small children wouldn’t be a good idea in my new home.  Also, I’m not crazy about things going over my head and I get grumpy, so a treat helps when taking my harness on and off.  Like a typical puppy, I can be mouthy when I’m playing with my humans, so they always have a chewy or a crinkly toy for me to redirect my chewing.  I love crinkly toys!!

My ideal home would be a place without a lot of stairs since they are a big challenge for a blind pup.  If there are stairs, they will need to be gated so I don’t fall down them.  It would be great if my family worked from home or short hours since I can only go 4 hours or so without needing a potty break.  If you’ve had experience with a blind dog that would be a bonus but not necessary.   A fenced yard isn’t required, as long as I’m leashed for potty breaks.  And, as I said before, I really need a pup companion too.  The most important thing my new home needs is patience as I’m learning the ropes.  I promise I will work hard to please you.  My foster mom says I’m no more work than a sighted puppy and I look forward to proving that.

Besides being blind, I’m a super healthy puppy!  I’m on the small side. My vet says I’ll probably top out at about 20lbs.  I don’t take any medications and don’t need eye drops.  I’m neutered, microchipped and up to date on all my vaccines.  I come with a harness, leash, my soft bed, some of my current food and my favorite toys.  My adoption fee is $850

So, if you are ready for a silly, spunky, loving little boy who wants nothing more than to be with you and smother you with kisses, I’m your guy!

Love, Frankie.  XOXO