Eli Roth

male - puppy
28 lbs.
Status: adopted

Age: 6-7 months
Sex: Male
Cats: No
Kids: Yes, 10+
Dogs: Yes, a well-balanced Frenchie preferred
Housetrained: Almost there!
Housing requirement: Single family home
Private Fenced-in yard: Required

This is Eli Roth, one of the Texarkana 23 puppies. Eli has recently been neutered, wormed and microchipped.

Eli is a hefty Frenchie puppy at 28 lbs. with a beautiful blue black masked fawn face.

Eli has shown remarkable resilience despite his harsh surroundings early in life. As long as he has been in our rescue he has been an active and loving companion who enjoys playing with his foster parents and with his foster sister puppy. Eli loves to run around and wrestle with his puppy sister.  He loves new toys but has a short attention span and is often on to the next bone or toy after a few minutes. He was able to pick up the potty training relatively quickly. He follows his foster sister around and often chooses to lay on the floor near you rather than jumping up beside you. Eli is strong and his mental skills are beginning to catch up with his size although he is still a little clumsy. Eli would do best with an experienced Frenchie owner. He is smart, but easily distracted and will need guidance & professional obedience training.

Eli is a good eater and generally finishes his food fairly quickly & enjoys hours of quiet crate time. In foster care, Eli has not been left for more than 5-6 hours at a time & he gets to run outside first thing when he gets out of his crate, regardless of how much time he has spent in it. Eli has shown good instincts on when he needs to go to the bathroom & shows no interest in having an accident in his crate.

Eli has had limited exposure to other dogs thus far. He loves playing with his sister and has never shown any aggression towards her.  When on walks, he will bark at other dogs and try to get in their face a little but we would expect that to decrease with more socialization. He is learning basic commands such as sit and stay but has not been mastered them or been able to apply them in a non-training situation thus far. Eli is always sweet to people and loves to be petted but will wiggle when he is picked up.

Eli has grown to be a healthy, strong, and loving Frenchie. He will be stubborn at times but is quickly learning things. Eli will flourish in a home with love and support. He will need to continue to learn to interact with other dogs in a positive manner but being so young we believe he can pick that up as well. Eli would be fine as an only dog or in a home with another frenchie who is well balanced.

As with all the Texarkana23 puppies, Eli Roth had a rough, scary start in life, but has put all of this behind him and is ready for his forever family to welcome him home.