female - adult
Status: adopted

Adult: 6 years old
Children: Children over the age of 6 and are respectable to dogs
Cats: no
Other dogs: She would do best in a home with another frenchie to play and snuggle with or owners who work from home
Fenced yard: preferred

Doris (Dori) was rescued as a breeder surrender after many litters of puppies in her 6 years. She is a very cuddly, sweet girl that has settled wonderfully in her foster home. She is generally low energy but is always curious about what her human toddler foster brother is doing and loves to play fetch with her stuffed animals. She is sometimes overwhelmed by loud toys and balls so children who are dog savvy and respectful towards her would be ideal. When she has had play dates with other Frenchies, she happily wrestled and played with them. She has not had any interactions with cats so we are not sure how she would do with them.

Doris has become accustomed to relaxing on a blanket on the couch and it is her favorite place to spend her time. She is no longer crated, as the crate was a great source of anxiety for her. Ideally her forever home will have a safe non-crate space for Doris when her humans are not home. She sleeps on a dog bed next to her foster parent’s bed at night. She also snores very loudly so it is important that her forever home to be tolerant of her loud snoring while sleeping.

Doris weighs approximately 20lbs so she is on the smaller side. She is spayed and has had nare and palate surgery as she was unable to eat without regurgitating. She went through quite an ordeal due to her palate being the worst the veterinarians had ever seen. She spent time in the ICU during her time with the rescue, had palate surgery and even required a temporary tracheostomy due to breathing issues. She recovered beautifully from surgery, with regurgitation being rare and limited to being very active immediately after eating. She is no longer on any medication or prescription dog food, but prefers soft food that can be cut up into pieces. She had difficulty maintaining weight with kibble as she would eat piece by piece and lose interest before eating enough. She is not particularly food motivated unless it involves dog treats or people food. She is finally starting to learn to eat from a bowl!

Doris has a fenced yard at her foster home and will usually go to the back door when she needs to potty. She will potty on the pee pads occasionally if no one is home and if you miss her potty cue at the backdoor. She is able to hold her bladder all night but is usually let out every 2 hours when her foster family is home. Potty training has been a work in progress but she has come a long way! She has tolerated the leash but is very timid on walks (which have been scarce during the cold winter in the suburbs).

Doris can easily go up and down the stairs and will follow her foster family to any room they go to. She prefers to not be alone so it would be wonderful if her forever home had another Frenchie or dog of similar size for her to spend her days with! She really is an absolute sweetheart and whoever adopts this gem of a girl will have won the doggie jackpot!