female - adult
Status: adopted

Hello to all of you in my new world! My name is Dori and I’m what they call a former Mill Mama.
I’m not going to linger on my past too much because what matters is right now and all of my tomorrows.  But of course my past does affect me; it’s a part of me.
At an estimated age of 7 yrs old, I’m learning what it’s like to live in a house with a family,  soft bedding, good food, and proper vetting, gentle hands and kind words, butterfly kisses and scratches on my tushie ( oh and what outside potty is!  I hear that’s kind of important to some humans so I’m trying really hard on this one.  I’m getting real good at it if I do say so myself and  if I do have an accident in the house I try and clean it up myself right away but I’m told that’s “ewwwwwww  yucky” and to not do that but Geesh! a girl has to keep her house clean you know? That’s all I’m trying to do! So my human needs to be quick in getting rid of the accident before I take the matter into my own paws).
Every day my eye’s become brighter, the spring in my step becomes lighter, the weights are lifting off my shoulders and I’m feeling care free.
I love people and attention, I love other dogs, cats are unknown. I am an explorer, outside I want to see and smell and check out everything around me. For this reason a securely fenced in yard is preferable but if not I must always be on leash with you,  see I don’t listen yet when I’m outside and don’t want to come in ( unless I know it’s mealtime) I will just ignore your call and keep sniffing my way around.  I’m just so into all the new things I have to take in as much as I can every chance I get!
I love love love my open crate. I want a big blanket in there so I can wrap myself up and tuck myself in for a nap, and if I want to keep one eye open as to what is going on around me I like to sleep in my dog bed instead.  I love both!
I’m a healthy black beauty and said to be a pug/bulldog mix.  I’m about 20 lbs and hilariously ( so foster says) stubborn and inquisitive and sweet as can be.
I’m ready to find my forever family, one that can give me the happiest of today’s and tomorrow’s and I promise in return you will have my whole heart!  I am really afraid of men and act aggressive with them-so I’m looking for a forever home with no men. If you’re interested in me finding out more about You, please fill out our  application because I’m ready to start reading !-DoriDori’s adoption fee is $350 -she is fully vetted and ready to find a home with someone who has a big heart and patience to teach her about this new big world she has entered after leaving the puppy mills.