female - young
Status: adopted

Spayed female

Date of Birth-1/28/19

Diamond was surrendered by her breeder when her vet realized Diamond had a serious heart issue that was discovered during her c section delivering a litter of pups. Her breeder didn’t want to put the money or time into her needs with a cardiologist specialists and so she came into our care.

The cardiologist ruled out everything that might be causing her heart condition, as they usually don’t see a dog this young needing a pacemaker- usually dogs that are 8 or older require such a surgery. Once everything was ruled out- she had her pacemaker surgery done successfully and then went into heat and had to wait to be spayed.

Currently- she has been spayed and had her nares done as well. All of her vaccines are up to date and is loving life now that her medical is taken care of. The battery to her pacemaker will need to be replaced in 5 to 7 years but that surgery isn’t as extensive as the surgery to get her pacemaker put in. She also has to see the cardiologist every 6 to 12 months just for a check up and to see if they need to make any adjustments to her pacemaker settings. Due to the battery of the pacemaker being put into her neck area- we feel her ideal forever home would be one with no other dogs so the battery is not disturbed. This applies to little children as well under 10 years of age.

Diamond is a very affectionate frenchie who loves to give kisses and nibbles on your ears affectionately. She also loves to give you hugs and to roll over for belly loving. She is one of the fastest running frenchies I have ever seen and that is saying a lot-so I think she would prefer a nicely fenced in yard whose owner will always go outside with her.

She is an excellent cuddler and rides nicely in her crate in the car-whether it is a long distance or short distance ride. She doesn’t snore and is crate trained and potty trained.

It is hard to put her personality in words but everyone who meets her in person says she is a heart stealer and has tons of charm. She is on the small side but her personality is big. She has NO restrictions with her activities now that she has a pacemaker.

If you think you are the ideal forever home- have no other pets or children under 10- have a fenced yard and have the means to make sure she sees her cardiologist on a regular bases- please complete our online application to be considered as her potential forever home-she is truly a Diamond in the Frenchie world. Diamond’s adoption fee is $950.