male - young
Status: adopted

Dexter is a 3 year old loving Frenchie that spent most of his life not being treated very well as he was used for breeding and did not have a loving home. He has been in CFBR foster care the past six weeks and has flourished. He loves being around people and other dogs. He will be your shadow and always wants to be near you, he sleeps next to my desk as I work during the day. He plays well with other dogs and cats. He has no aggression and seems to get along with most dogs he meets. He does not pick favorites and likes to be with anyone in the home as long as he is not alone. He is a cuddler and wants to snuggle with you at night. He does well on short walks but long walks are a bit much for him. He would do well in a home that he is not alone for many hours. He is house trained but needs to stay on his schedule. An ideal home would have another dog that he can play with and someone that is home a lot. His hearing is impaired and responds well to hand signals. He has a happy spirit and will be a blessing to any household. Dexter can easily entertain himself or take a nap as long as someone is near by him and home.

Because Dexter has limited hearing- older children who will not startle him when he is sleeping or napping will be considered.

If you work from home and want one handsome frenchie boy who loves having someone always home- he would love to be your couch potato and snuggle buddy. His adoption fee is $850 and he is neutered – micro chipped- vaccines up to date- on heart worm medicine and is negative for heart worm and all parasites. He comes with his bed- harness- leash and some of his toys that he enjoys.

He is on a prescription food that keeps him from having the terrible diarrhea he came to us with and means he is on a strict diet with no table scraps or treats-he loves his prescription food as treats! He will need to be on that the rest of his life.

  • 3 year old neutered french bulldog
  • Very handsome and does well with other dogs and cats too
  • Does has separation anxiety and will howl and bark if let home alone-so his forever home would not be good if it was an apartment or condo or townhome
  • Would prefer someone who works from home to be with him.
  • No children under 10 due to his limited hearing