female - young
30 lbs.
Status: adopted

Adult female 3 years young
Children over 8 years old only
Cats- if dog savvy yes
Dogs- preferably a laid back playful Frenchie for a sibling

Daisy was surrendered to our rescue as an owner surrender.  From day one she fell seamlessly into the routine of our home. She is so easy going, and just loves being in the presence of her humans, and it is so easy loving her right back! It was obvious that Daisy was cared for and spoiled in her previous home. When Daisy came to us she was overweight and had to lose a few lbs. She is big to begin with for a female Frenchie, but she weighed 37.7lbs! With good nutrition and plenty of exercise, she’s now down to a healthy weight of 30.5. Daisy’s current home situation consists of a retired foster dad who is home most of the time, a busy in-and-out-a-lot foster mom, and a 7 yr. old Frenchie resident frenchie who is a former mill mama and very submissive. Daisy is only crated when we leave the house, and only because her foster sister is. She does not complain in her crate. We toss a treat in, and in she goes. She may not need to be crated once she knows the routine of her forever family. As mentioned earlier, Daisy was very loved in her previous home, and it is very hard to keep her out of the bed at night time. She starts out on the floor in her bed beside her foster sister, and we wake up most mornings with her in the bed snuggling and snoring between us. We didn’t want to have to crate her at night and this was the compromise. Daisy is perfectly potty trained. She only had one accident and that was the first day because we missed her signal. She needs to get out for a potty break every four hours or so, so if you are away for long periods, it would be necessary to have someone come in and let her out to relieve herself. A fenced yard is not necessary, but she will always need to be on a leash when outdoors. She is also awesome in the car with a harness and safety buckle.

Daisy is a total love bug. She loves nothing more than to cuddle in your lap or next to you on the sofa. She has the softest fur we’ve ever experienced so snuggling and petting her soft fur is quite a treat! If you’re seated, she will put her paws up on your lap asking to join you. She also gets along very well with her foster sister, they play and roll around like typical Frenchie goofballs. If we are loving on her foster sister she will butt her head in there to get some of that good lovin’ too. Daisy loves the attention on her.

Daisy was in good health when she came to us. The only issue she had was a yeast infection in her ears. It was a pretty nasty strain and it took a few weeks to get it under control. She has tiny ear canals, so a weekly ear cleaning regimen is essential. Also Daisy’s deep facial folds can get crusty so they will need daily cleaning. She sits very patiently and allows this grooming because she knows when its done, she gets a treat.

We had our daughters dog here at Thanksgiving who is known to not get along with some dogs and she snarled at Daisy once, and it was game on. We had to kept them separated

and had no incidents the rest of the weekend. Ideally Daisy would do well in a home with another younger Frenchie who was playful but not dominant. We have never seen her be aggressive with any other dogs. She can be a little mouthy at play, so no children in the home under 8. If she did bite, it would only be in play, but would not want to take chances with small children getting hurt. Also she is large and could easily knock a small child down. Daisy has had a positive experience staying for several days in a home with an elderly cat so a home with dog savvy cats would be ok.

Daisy gets very excited when she sees the leash. She just loves her walks. She is very curious about other dogs and people on walks. She tends to want to jump up on humans, but a simple firm ‘off’ and she will behave. Daisy is not a barker, but neither is her foster sister. Not sure if that would change if she were in a home with a more vocal sibling. She is quite agile and navigates stairs, sofa’s and beds (see above, lol) if not too high. She has learned the ‘sit’ command, and will sit for treats. We feed both dogs at the same time. They eat at either end of a 10 Ft island and finish all of their food at once, and she has never shown food aggression. They lick out each other’s bowls when they’re finished. She doesn’t mind bath time at all, and is an angel at the vet and when getting her nails ground.

Daisy is a phenomenal girl, and would be a wonderful addition to the right home that would love her unconditionally, commit to her walks and exercise to keep her at a healthy weight, keep her ears and folds clean, and to have a frenchie sibling to play and cuddle with. The love you would receive in return would be 100 fold!

Daisy’s adoption is $750 and includes her being spayed- micro chipped- heart worm and fecal negative and all vaccines current. She will also come with a bed- harness and leash and some of her current food too.