female - young
Status: adopted

This little angel loves a lap to sit on and enjoys TV time. Her ideal home would be with another dog for friendship and guidance and an older couple as she is very laid back and easy going. She is wonderful with other dogs and cats. She walks on a leash with help as she likes to zig zag everywhere to investigate her environment. She does not play with toys but loves to carry around shoes, socks and humans things, so you may find things moved around. She loves being in the company of her foster mom, dad and sister Frenchies so someone who is home a lot would be helpful as she always follows someone around. She needs a quiet environment as she is very afraid of loud noises such as thunder , fireworks, trucks and loud children. Coco is 75% potty trained but uses a paper inside if no one is home or if there is rain outside. Unfortunately Coco had an injury to her right eye in the mill and is blind in that eye. So if you are walking on her right side or have something in one hand and go to pet her with the other she is very leery of those movements as she cannot see well on that side. Coco is also scared of the door when going outside and will only go out when following the other dogs and again I think because the door moves and she cannot see well from that side she hesitates unless she sees it is safe. She plays a little bit with the resident dogs but not much and likes to sit in her safe spot on the couch. She has learned how to use doggy stairs to get on the couch. She does come when you call her name.

Coco is 5 years old and is spayed- up to date on her vaccines- heart worm and fecal negative-micro chipped- comes with her bed- leash- harness and collar along with her current food. She would do best in home with another frenchie and will not be adopted to a home with no other dogs. A fenced yard would also be ideal for her as she gains confidence out of the mill and someone who is patient and understanding that coming from a mill to the big new world takes time to become accustomed to.