male - adult
Status: adopted

8 years old 
23 lbs 
House trained: mostly (see bio)
Kids: 8 and older
Dogs: yes
Cats: no experience, but probably fine
Fenced in yard: Not required
Special needs: None 

It’s hard to say what kind of forever family Bucky might be perfect for because he is probably a good fit for most of them! Bucky is well behaved with good manners, and he’s cool as a cucumber in all situations. In his prior home he was a show dog at one point, and it shows! He is friendly with all people and dogs of any ageHe seems to never have his feathers ruffled and is likely to do well in most situations. 

He is happy just hanging out at home, but also has no problem being a little more active and keeps up well on longer walks with his foster family. He loves to be at home around his humans but also enjoys hanging out with fellow pups of all size. While a fenced in yard may be helpful with potty training (see below), Bucky does very well on  a leash, and doesn’t mind the hustle and bustle of a city.  

Originally, we thought Bucky might be better as an only child or in a home with older dogs because he wasn’t really interested much in playtime (although he was unbothered when his foster brother made many attempts to play). However, as Bucky got more comfortable with his foster family, his playful side came out. Even at 8 years old, he loves to partake in a good wrestling session with his younger foster brother and even initiates playtime now! Bucky LOVES his humans and would be okay as an only child, but he has shown that he enjoys being around other dogs, too.  

Bucky doesn’t mind sleeping in his crate, but he loves sleeping in the bed with his foster parents and foster sibling. He is very snuggly and loves to steal pillow space when able. He occasionally snores a little bit but is otherwise a very good bed-sharer. 

Bucky is recently neutered, micro chipped, and had his palate done. He is recovering well from his surgeries. He is also all caught up on his shots and tested negative for heart worm and any parasites in his stools. He needs daily eye drops for his right eye as it doesn’t produce tears, and he has mild seasonal skin allergies. He has been getting an Epsom salt paw soak every 2-3 days to help lighten up the staining on his paws.

Bucky is crate-trained, but we are working on his house-training. Bucky has the occasional accident – he wasn’t neutered prior to arriving into foster care, and we quickly learned he is used to lifting his leg and marking. The accidents are small as they are likely just to mark his territory. Now that he is fixed, we anticipate accidents to slow down as Bucky is a quick learner and very well behaved. In the interim period, Bucky had been wearing a belly band, which he didn’t seem to mind at all and stopped the left lifting. His forever family should have some extra patience until he learns his leg-lifting manners. 

If you think you are the ideal forever home for Bucky- please submit an application through our website at www.frenchieporvous.org under adoptable dogs. His adoption fee is $250 and includes his bed- leash- harness- some of his current food- current on vaccines- neutered- micro chipped- and lots of love to share. He may be 8 years old but he still has a bit of puppy in him- his well behaved- and would make a wonderful addition for any forever home.

If you are interested in adopting and reside out of state- please reach out to us through our social media pages on FB or IG- as the majority of our adoptions are local to Chicago and surrounding areas. We only adopt out of state where we have trusted resources to do our home visits and potential adopters are willing to drive to us to finalize their adoption if approved.