male - adult
25 lbs.
Status: adopted

Sex: Male
Cats: Unknown
Kids: 5+ Years
Dogs: Depends, lower energy preferred or only dog
Housetrained: Yes
Housing requirement: Condo/Apartment/Single family home
Private Fenced-in yard: Not required

This is the Bubba, part gargoyle, part truffle hunting pig, part French bulldog, and full snuggle bug. He has recently been neutered and microchipped and also had his nares corrected and his palate trimmed so he is a great breather now.

Bubba came to the rescue after his previous owner surrendered him because he was not getting along with her three Great Danes. With that knowledge, CFBR ensured that Bubba was placed in a foster home with no other dogs because CFBR was told that he did not get along with the Great Danes. His foster parents, however, live in a large building filled with other fur friends so they quickly learned that Bubba did not have an aggressive bone in his body and LOVED being around other dogs and people. He is a bit socially awkward and gets laser focused when he sees another dog but as soon as they are out of sight or as soon as he’s said “Hello”, he moves on with his walk. Bubba has been non-reactive even when another dog barks at him or gets aggressive with him. When Bubba has been allowed to play with another dog, he is very good at responding to commands and correction from his foster parents. For this reason, Bubba may be considered for an experienced, patient home with a friendly dog that will be willing to work with him on his social manners. Bubba would not do well with a high energy dog or multiple dogs in his new home.

Bubba came to his foster parents crate trained and potty trained. He likely has not had much experience being left home alone outside of his crate. Bubba has a dog walker who walks him around 12-1 during the work week, and has never been left alone for more than 5-6 hours at a time. He occasionally will pee a little in his crate if he is upset at being put in the crate, but has never had a major accident in his crate.

Bubba has been with his foster parents since September and within the first couple of weeks learned how to sit, give paw, and stay (when he feels like it!). He has since learned how to “Go inside” and will go into his crate in exchange for a treat. Bubba is HIGHLY food motivated and is definitely smarter than he lets on, but with patience and training sessions which involves a lot of repetition, Bubba is sure to learn more tricks to show off with. Bubba is a DREAM on the leash while walking and enjoys going on long walks with his foster parents when the weather is nice. On his walks he enjoys meeting new people.

Bubba does suffer from food allergies as well as environmental allergies and will need to be given grain-free food (also allergic to beef and chicken) and daily allergy medications. He also is prone to ear infections, especially in his dinky/floppy ear, and will need to have regular ear cleanings to keep his ears clear of gunk. He’s wary at first when he sees the ear cleaning solution brought out, but once you start cleaning his ears and rubbing them, the happy noises he makes more than makes up for the occasional grossness that you might encounter!

There are so many more amazing qualities that Bubba has, and his foster parents could write a novel about how great this chill Frenchie is, but CFBR is confident that Bubba would make a wonderful addition to any kind of family so long as he has someone to cuddle and explore with, has room to play with toys and get his zoomies out, has soft surfaces to flop and fall asleep, and most importantly has endless treats and delicious food to keep him satisfied.