female - adult
Status: adopted

Children- 8 or older
Would love a frenchie brother or sister that is well balanced or could be an only dog too
House broken- still working on that
If you are looking for a cuddle bug-that would be Betty!

Betty came to us from the Kankakee IL animal control.

Their previous owners decided that they no longer wanted them and dumped them on the side of a rural road in Kankakee with a pile of dry dog food. It does not seem the girls were there long before they were taken in by animal control. They had to wait out the mandatory hold time and neither were micro chipped. The animal control was nice enough to release the roadside divas to the care of the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue.

Our director picked them up as soon as the hold time expired and whisked them to our veterinarian to be evaluated and have all of their medical needs evaluated. They were dubbed Wilma and Betty after the famous red head and brunette of Flintstones fame.

Betty received all of her vaccinations, been spayed, had dental cleanings and extractions as necessary. Both girls were treated successfully for whipworms (confirmed by retesting). Micro chipped and tested negative for heart worm too.

Medical: Betty was definitely in worse condition than Wilma. She was only 17 lbs when she came into foster care. She had several scratches and open wounds on her back end. The scar tissue from those injuries actually fused to the bones underneath. In other words, the skin that can normally be moved around is fixed to those points via scar tissue to bone. The vet said that is because she must have scratched her skin down to the bone.

Betty was also positive for chronic Lymes disease. Betty was placed on antibiotics for her skin afflictions as well as a 30 day of course of doxycycline to treat the Lymes. Betty was not exhibiting any active signs of Lymes disease. Her wounds are healing very nicely, and she only has a little over a week to go on her doxycycline. Betty appeared to have gotten her injuries from scratching against her crate, though it is impossible to know for sure. She is currently being given one Benadryl per day for her skin. We will know more about her allergic tendencies or lack thereof once she is off all of her antibiotics.

We have no idea what type of a home Betty and Wilma came from, but it is clear they got very little attention. When they initially arrived at their foster home, they were rather shut down and would flatten themselves when anyone tried to pet them. They both cowered in one cage. Once they got acclimated and realized that their foster home and mom were safe their personalities really started to come out! They jumped, ran and played with gusto.

Betty is a medium energy, athletic dog. She does not seem to have had any previous house training. The two girls were bonded, but seemed to absorb each other’s nervous energy. It was clear that both could benefit from separate training and would be better balanced with a “chill” foster sister or brother to help them learn about house training and other things. They have done very well being in separate foster homes and will be adopted not as a pair.

NUTRITION: Betty is on a Fromm Chicken kibble mixed with wet food, getting 1 cup 2 x per day in efforts to put some weight on her and has gained 3 lbs since she arrived.

Betty is not completely house trained which is more a factor of her being on antibiotics-they make her drink and urinate more frequently. BETTY WILL NEED TO BE KEPT ON A HIGH QUALITY FOOD TO KEEP HER SKIN IN HEALTHY CONDITION.

HOUSEBREAKING: Betty has been on an antibiotic of one kind or another since she arrived which has caused her to drink and urinate more frequently. She will be off the antibiotic in a bit over a week, so that will change. Nevertheless whoever adopts this sweet little girl will need to work with her initially on a schedule. She will NEED TO BE CRATED WHEN HER NEW FAMILY IS NOT HOME OR WHEN SHE CANNOT NOT BE SUPERVISED TO FINISH HER HOUSEBREAKING AND HOUSE MANNER TRAINING. Betty loves the rice based chew sticks and they make a wonderful reward for her “crating up” .

PERSONALITY: Betty is a super sweet, silly and loving little cuddle bug. She lives to be with her humans and to receive love, hugs and praise. She loves to cuddle. She also loves her chew treats and toys.


Betty has not been exposed to cats in her foster home, but it is LIKELY SHE WOULD BE FINE WITH A CAT as long as she had a canine companion as well and the cat is dog savvy.

Betty is a little hand shy when she initially meets new people, but warms up very quickly. She is not a dog that wants to run or wander. She wants to be with her people. Betty travels in a car nicely. This far she has been both crated in a car, and rode on the passenger seat.

Betty does NOT bite, she is as sweet as can be, but she can be a bit mouthy when she plays. IF BETTY IS PLACED IN A HOME WITH CHILDREN, THEY WILL NEED TO BE OVER 8 YEARS OF AGE.

BETTY has not been a big barker in her foster home, but sometimes behaviours differ in different settings.

Betty deserves so much more than life dealt her with her previous owners. No dog deserves to be left on the side of the road to wonder WHY.

If you think you can open your heart to this little girl and provide the type of home she needs, please fill out an application. Betty is such a sweet girl and She deserves to have her happily ever after!

Betty’s adoption fee is $600 and includes her being spayed- micro chipped- up to date on shots- bed-some of her current food- leash- harness and lots of love to give someone.