male - puppy
Status: adopted

Most of you know him as Ian but his foster mom changed his name to Bandit. His foster was hoping to adopt him but he doesn’t get along with male dogs that are not neutered. Bandit was one of the parvo pups we took into our rescue and health wise is doing great and ready to find his forever home. He has been well socialized after having to be in parvo isolation and has learned a few tricks- like sit, paw and chill on the couch.

Now don’t be fooled by the sweet innocent face- Bandit/Ian is full of mischievous puppy energy and loves to explore the world with his mouth and chew on whatever he can find. That means his forever home will need to be diligent to make sure he doesn’t chew on anything he shouldn’t- like sticks- remotes and so on! He does love to cuddle and get belly rubs and give kisses. He loves his toys and rolling over when he is playing. He is a funny, rambunctious, curious pup that can get into trouble quickly.

Bandit can be food aggressive sometimes, so it is recommended he is feed separate from a resident dog while either in his crate or gated away from the resident dog. He can take a bit of time to warm up to other dogs and would do best in a home with either no other dogs or one resident dog only and no small children under the age of 10. He is doing much better on his leash walking and potty training but his forever family will need to be diligent about making sure his potty training is kept on top of and be prepared for a few accidents.

Bandit does well sleeping in his crate all night but will bark if crated when you are home. He can go 4 hours during the day in his crate with no accidents but any longer than that-he will need someone to take him out for a mid-day potty break.

If you think you are ready for the challenge of a wild puppy that will in return give you snuggles and kisses but you can still give him rules to abide by and will take him to training classes- please apply at for Ian.

His birthday is 3/17/21 and is fully vetted- neutered and microchipped. His adoption fee is $1150 and ready to find the right dedicated owner that will keep working on his training- keep him out of trouble and continue to work on his house training.