female - adult
30 lbs.
Status: adopted

Sex: female
Birthday: 3/3/2014
Color: pied
Housetrained: yes

Bandit is a very sweet, intelligent and loyal 7-year-old Frenchie who loves to be by her humans, play with her toys, and chew antlers. She looks forward to her daily walks and will take as many walks as possible with a little rest in between. She would adjust to a home with a fenced yard but really enjoys exploring her world and taking a daily walk. The best walks are ones that she does not run into any other dogs or people.

Bandit is anxious around people and dogs she doesn’t know and will bark and lunge at them. It is very important that she is carefully watched when meeting new people. We have had success with telling our guests to ‘pretend like the dog does not exist’ which gives Bandit time to acclimate and usually within a short period of time she displays a level of comfort with the people and they can slowly begin to interact with her. She does well in a crate and there are certain situations where being crated in another room is the best solution for all involved.

Bandit loves to take walks but as much as possible we have avoided situations we know will involve being around a lot of other people and dogs. Walking Bandit in more isolated areas or during the quiet hours of the day is less stressful for her. When interaction with other dogs is unavoidable we will try and cross the street or alter our route if possible. If Bandit will be in close contact with another dog, especially one larger than her, we often pick her up to help her feel secure. She seems startled and more reactive to people moving quickly such as on a bike or jogging rather than just walking.

Because of her anxiety, Bandit would do best in a home where she is the only dog and only with older children who are comfortable with dogs. She would do best in the suburbs instead of the city, where on her walks she would not constantly be running into other dogs or people. She is fine in her crate but doesn’t love it. She was crated for long periods of time in a previous situation so she would prefer if someone was home for large parts of the day. The pandemic has spoiled Bandit in that she rarely is without her humans nearby.

In the right home Bandit will be a forever friend who is sweet, funny and will bring much love and joy to her owners.

Adoption fee for Bandit is $450

Bandit needs a forever home with NO OTHER PETS. Ideally with a secure fenced yard and NO CHILDREN. If you feel you might be the ideal forever home-please complete our online application to be considered.