female - adult
22 lbs.
Status: pending

Meet Andrea, aka Andi, Andi Girl, and Sweet Face. All 22ish pounds of her. Andrea is a rescued mill momma who is learning to love her second chance at life as a rescued Frenchie. Andrea loves the simple pleasures in her foster home – snuggling with soft blankets, being around her foster parents and being in the sunshine. She shows some interest in toys, but she doesn’t really understand what they are (although she will give you the perfect Frenchie head tilt if you squeak a toy!). She enjoys her chew toys – a nice benebone or a nylabone. Andrea is the perfect mix of Frenchie temperament – she can play along with the young pups and is still the ultimate couch potato ready for a Netflix binge. She hasn’t met a dog she didn’t like and often wants to meet every dog she encounters on walks.
The perfect family for Andrea needs to have a lot of patience for this retired mill momma who is still learning the ropes. When Andrea first came into her foster home, she had to learn how to be a frenchie. She had to learn how to eat out of a bowl (her foster momma had to hand feed her in the beginning), learn how to go up and down stairs, learn how to walk on a leash, and learn how to potty outside. Andrea was recently put on a limited ingredient diet by her vet, so we are working with her on that. Her vet recently put her on a 50/50 diet of cooked food (currently the beef recipe from Open Farm) and kibble (limited ingredient Natural Balance). Her foster family has seen a lot of improvement since the switch. When Andi first came into the rescue, it was clear that her teeth had never been taken care of. She lost 13 teeth when she had her dental done, but she hasn’t let that stop her. She has a beautiful smile that we love. Andrea eats well out of her trough and then waits for her foster brother to finish his food so she can make sure that he got all of the crumbs. She is a slower eater and might need to eat separately because she will submit to another dog and let him/her finish her food. She currently eats in her x-pen because she will submit to her foster brother and let him eat all of her food. When Andrea first came into the rescue she did not know how to eat out of a bowl. Her foster family worked with her to transition from hand feeding, to eating off a plate to finally eating out of a trough.


Andrea is small but mighty. She can go up and down carpet stairs with confidence. Because of her short little legs she does a 4-legged hop up the stairs. She is able to go up wooden and concrete stairs and her confidence coming down them grows every day. She can come down them, but her human needs to have patience with her as she is very deliberate in her steps. She has also learned to use a furniture ramp to reach places that are just a tad too high to get to. Her perfect family should be willing to carry this sweet girl up and down the stairs when necessary.
Andrea‘s foster home has also with her on walking on a leash. Andrea has come a long way since coming into rescue. She has learned how to walk on a leash and does well walking with her foster brother. Andrea knows where home is and will always walk home. No matter how far her foster parents carry her away from home or how far she walks, she will always walk home. She has gotten used to a little route around her foster home and does this walk regularly.  She tries desperately to keep up with his fast pace, but sometimes her foster brother has to be reminded that she just isn’t that fast. Once you are able to establish a routine with her, you will be golden. She often goes potty right after she wakes up, after she eats and after she’s been in her crate for any period of time. She doesn’t need long walks and does well with shorter, more frequent trips outside. For this reason, she would also do well with a fenced in yard.
Her birthday is 9-1-16- her adoption fee is $650- she is current on her vaccines- spayed- had a dental- micro chipped- comes with a bed, harness, leash and some of her current food. If you think this sweet girl would be the ideal Frenchie to add to your family- please complete our application to adopt. Please remember we only adopt to those who live within a 2 hour drive from Chicago.