male - young
Status: adopted

Hello! I’m Kevin! My birthday is 6/24/20- I am a year and 7 months old. My foster mom calls me Big Head Kev, Sweet boy, and Handsome Fella. I’m a tall, lean machine that’s easily persuaded by snacks and food. I love learning new things and seeing the world on my walks. I know how to sit and I walk very well on my lead! I have my favorite stuffed animal that I’ll suckle on for hours when I curl up on the couch; I also can’t get enough of chewing on antlers! I’m also big into snuggles; Do you want to relax on the couch and watch tv? That would be perfect with me! I’ll be near and dear either snuggling or suckling on my toy!

I am a stinker for trouble sometimes though, since I’m so tall and leggy I can jump like a frog! I’ll climb onto the table if I feel like it, or see a tasty snack you left behind. I also sometimes want to make a run for it out front doors sometimes.  I’m currently learning “stay” since I’m a quick learner, I’ll catch on in no time!

There are a few things you need to know about me, all I ask is your patience and to give me time to adjust to my new home.  It’s a lot for me to take in, and I will get overwhelmed, so please don’t rush me! I may require some alone time to absorb it all; so don’t worry, I’ll warm up to you in no time.

When I first came to my foster mom, she would try to grab my collar or harness if I was doing something I wasn’t suppose to and I would nip at her legs or feet.  Sometimes I would try to bully her and when she stood her ground I learned to respect it. I quickly learned that my behavior wasn’t okay. If I see something fall on the ground, I think it’s a snack, so I MUST have it!  If you tell me no, I will question your limits at first, but once we start to understand each other I’ll gladly listen. I need you to remind me that you’re the leader of this pack, not me.  I will test you to see if you’ll let me be the leader; yet once I understand that you run the house I will gladly follow.  You will need to earn my trust in a loving positive way.

My ideal home would be someone who has energy that will take me on walks and teach me new tricks and manners.  I need a yard with a tall fence (so I can’t jump over it) . This isn’t necessary, but a place to roam and call my own would be nice. I get along great with other dogs and I love playing and snuggling with them! I am crate trained for when you’re away and also potty trained as well as pee pad trained (like I said, smart guy!).  I don’t think smaller children would be best based on my previous behavior, I need my people to understand my boundaries.

Other than that, I am a big healthy boy who is fully vaccinated, and neutered, so are you ready for me to throw my body weight right on you when I’m ready for hours of snuggles or what?! 

Kevin is looking for someone with experience with a frenchie who will test you- he needs someone who is calm- consistant and will set rules and stick to them so he knows what you expect of him so he can behave. If you give Kevin and itch- he will test you and go the mile-so understanding how to train and work with a frenchie who is head strong is imperative. In return, he will be a wonderful additon. Not a good first time frenchie or dog owner choice and no children allowed in his forever home either. Other frenchies he will do good with- other breeds – possibly not a good match. No cats or small rodent pets either in his adopting home.

Adoption fee is $1050. Kevin is current on his vaccines- neutered and micro chipped= heart worm and fecal negative. He was surrendered by his owner at the er to our rescue due to an obstruction and our rescue paid for that surgery and had that taken care of.