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Meet Lady Pamela- she is just a tad over a year old and weighs in around 40 lbs so she isn’t a petite girl by any means.  She is a Frenchie mix of some kind- she has those big loveable frenchie ears but a tail that wags non stop with joy when she is with people. Since she is stll very young—she is still full of puppy enthusiasm and energy. Because when she gets excited- we are looking for a home with children over 10 years old and previous dog experience. We found out about this sweet girl when a shelter reached out to us about a frenchie there- well her size and tail told us she was definitely a mix of some sort but we saw she was anxious at the shelter and decided to bring her into our rescue. She was an owner surrender and we don’t have any of her back history-we only know she was not wanted any more.

t’s possible that she was not properly socialized as a puppy, as she has displayed severe anxiety/aggression with other dogs. She’s highly leash-reactive, and will bark and pull when seeing other dogs on the leash. Because of this- we feel Lady Pamela would do best as an only dog with no other pets in the home and preferably a back yard to run and play in where she won’t need to deal with other dogs on walks.

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In addition, Pam has some separation anxiety around anyone leaving the house. She will bark when crated, and can be destructive if the house is not sufficiently puppy-proofed when she is left alone. However, her foster family has seen her make great strides in crate training and leash manners, and there is no doubt that she will continue to improve with consistent training but because of her anxiety with other dogs- she will need an owner who can hold tight on her leash and no neighbors to complain about her barking when you leave the house. Ideally- she would love someone who works from home- as she is really a great girl and will chew on her bones while you work away.

Pam does happily sleep overnight in her crate, and sleeping is one of her favorite things! She is fully house-trained, and incredibly affectionate. She loves people, and has never met a stranger she didn’t want to meet. On walks, she has learned to sit when people pass by, otherwise, she will try to leap directly into their arms! At home, Pam is a total snuggle-bug. She’s a little on the large size for a lap dog, but that has never stopped her from trying to curl as much of her 40 lb body as possible into a lap. Pam is happiest when her people are around to snuggle and play with. She enjoys tug of war and fetch, but can quickly get worked up and mouthy when playing, and sometimes needs a quick “time out” -another reason small children would not be ideal in her forever home.

Pam’s perfect home would have a large, secure, fenced yard for her to play in, preferably with no neighboring dogs. She loves children, but since she is still learning to play gently, the best home would be with children who are accustomed to high-energy dogs and are 10 and older.

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Although Pam is in training to be left alone for longer periods of time, she is still a growing puppy, and should not be in a home where she would need to be crated for long stretches. Most importantly, Pam will need to be the only pet in the house, with no other dogs or cats. If you can provide Pam with a calm and attentive home, she will reward you with infinite loving cuddles and affection!” Lady Pamela is a smart girl and would thrive with someone who would continue to work with her on her training and separation anxiety.

Lady Pamela may have some issues she has to work on but they are not her fault- her previous owners failed her without socializing her with other dogs and working on her anxieties. We can tell you this though- she just adores people and has no aggression with humans-she thinks people are the best thing in the world and would love to find a forever home that would love her as much as she will love you in return.

Lady Pamela is spayed- micro chipped- up to date on her vaccines- heart worm and fecal negative- comes with a bed- leash- collar and harness as well as some of her current food she is eating. Her foster parents have started to work on some commands with her- Right now, she does sit, stay, and come perfectly while inside. She’s a bit more hit-and-miss on those commands outside. Her “stay” is limited to about a 10 foot range or so. Are you ready for a smart girl and up to helping her become the perfect girl in your family-if so, please apply now!

Adoption Fee: $550

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