Kichi from Japan to Chicago. A small rescue in Japan reached out to us asking if we would be able to help and take in a female frenchie who was in a high kill shelter -so we started communication with them and they moved her from into a short term foster home in Japan while we arranged for one of our volunteers to fly out to Japan and bring her back to Chicago. We named her Kichi because in Japanese the meaning of the name Kichi is: One who is lucky and we think she is just that and more!

She looked so lonely in the shelter after being found wandering around the island and Japan and pulled at our heartstrings to bring her to Chicago and get her some much needed vet care. Kichi also tested positive for heartworm while in Japan and we knew we had to move quickly and get her back here to start treatments for her.

Kichi is a petite frenchie girl who was not using one of her rear legs while in the shelter, she also needed a tail reconstruction- spay – heartworm treatment and we had to find out why she wasn’t using that rear back leg. So off our volunteer went and flew this precious girl back to Chicago. With the dog flu going around- we found that one of our rescue vet offices were not seeing cases of the flu, so we took her there and she started her heartworm treatment and we are hoping by mid Sept.- she will be heartworm free. After that, we will take her in to one of our rescue vets to get her spayed and her tail section to be all fixed up so that no longer bothers her and she won’t have any chances of infection in that deep seated tail section. Once she heals from that- we are off to the ortho specialist to have them look at both her right hip and right knee cap- her right hip has no socket and we are hoping surgery will help fix that, if she is a candidate for surgery for a new hip. Her knee cap was what is preventing from using her one rear leg as it is going opposite ways at the knee joint-so we will see if we can help that with therapy or surgery as well.

So you can see why we named her Kichi- she is one who is very lucky for coming into our rescue to get all the vet care she needs. She has a long journey ahead of her before she is ready for adoption but if you would like to help her along the way with a donation towards her heartworm treatment- spay- tail resection- hip surgery and ortho specialists- she would be extremely thankful and if she could speak- she would say a rigato -which is thank you in Japanese. She is slowly learning English and is very fluent in understanding Japanese and her foster mom is learning Japanese while fostering her.