male - senior
Status: Pending

Meet Ruckus
Age: 11 Years
Sex: Male
Cats: Yes
Kids: Yes, 12+
Dogs: Yes
House trained: Yes
Private Fenced-in yard: Not Required

Ruckus may be a “senior” dog, but he doesn’t stand out from the pack as an old dog. He has an adventurous spirit that shows itself whenever he sees his leash being grabbed. He loves to go for walks. If the front door opens and he isn’t on a leash for a walk, he will try to impose his will and take off out the front door to try to find his own adventure. His people need to be very mindful of the doors and his determination for adventures. When he is on a leash, his excitement for these neighborhood romps can’t be contained in his little body and so he needs to gallop for the first half block. He doesn’t have a lot of stamina for his gallops though and so a short walk around the block is sufficient to satisfy his need for speed. Anything longer than a few blocks and his person will be carrying him home while he happily smiles and takes in the views and smells.

Ruckus is a people person and wants to be close to his chosen person. He enjoys watching TV while sitting on a throne, either made from his person’s lap or from piles of pillows and blankets on the couch. He obviously understands that he is worthy of the finer comforts in his life. He will be ok if you need to leave the room to retrieve more chips and pop, but if it is for anything longer, he will need to come search for you. If you need to leave for work or to go to the store to retrieve better snacks, he will bark with displeasure for a minute or two but will relax back on the couch until you return.

Ruckus has always lived with another male dog. He is currently being fostered with a male and a bossy female dog. Ruckus is very good at following the rules that are established and communicated to him by the resident dogs. Ruckus is currently living with two cats peacefully, but the peace happened with the cost of Ruckus’ pride. Ruckus is curious and adventurous. He barked a lot and chased and terrorized the cats when he first encountered these strange creatures. The resident cats are strong minded and taught Ruckus that he is below the level of cats in the hierarchy of power in this house. Ruckus now gives the cats a wide berth in the house, but I don’t know if that would carry over to another home with a cat. Ruckus may cause a ruckus in a home with cats.

Ruckus’s adventurous and curious spirit do need to be watched. He doesn’t always remember that he isn’t a young pup. He will try to climb on furniture and jump from chair to chair like a kid playing hot lava and not wanting to touch the floor. He came into rescue with reports of a previous back injury and through an exam with our doctor, shows signs of small neurological damage. He has experienced one episode of a flare up due to this previous injury. This caused him to go down in the rear. He lacked any ability to walk using his back legs and dragged them behind him. If this were to happen again, it doesn’t slow him down for long. His most recent episode caused him to be down for 4 days before he bounced back to walking and running. With rest, a series of acupuncture appointments and exercises at home to help continue to strengthen his back legs, he is doing remarkably well.

Ruckus is house trained, neutered, and up to date on his vaccinations. He currently receives daily eye drops and vitamin supplements to maintain corneal health.