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Meet Piper! She’s a special 3-year-old Frenchie looking for an equally special home. This precious pup has lived in a couple of places and she’s ready to settle in her forever home. Please read her bio carefully before applying as she needs to be an only dog and doesn’t do well being left home alone. Since covid- she has extreme separation anxiety.

As wonderful as Piper is, she happens to be very anxious, but just in a couple of situations. Her current roommates utterly adore her, but they live lives that take them away from home too much for Piper to tolerate. Sadly, just a mismatch. Piper is amazing and sweet and deserves to live her life without distress.

Just a few of many reasons why Piper is awesome:

She LOVES people. All of them. She loves giving toe kisses, and if you cover them up, ankle kisses will do.

If you saw her outside her trigger situations, she is about perfection. She has grown exponentially in the past 18 months and her obedience is good (though wanes around other people because she wants to love on them).

You can take her anywhere there are no dogs. She is a great office companion and has spent days hanging out in a shop. She can live in about any setting-though city downtowns or crowded doggy areas would be a no go. She doesn’t care about people crowds. She is up to date with her vet visits and in good physical health.

Piper’s short but mighty list of special needs:

In sum, she can’t be alone and she can’t reliably be around dogs due to her anxiety. Piper has done a lot of work to improve but her veterinary behaviorist thinks that she’s made about all the progress that she’ll make. She takes medication daily for her anxiety and needs another extra medication before being left alone.

Isolation distress

It’s simply being alone, not attachment to a specific person. It manifests both in the home and in the car.

Piper is not a Velcro Frenchie. Sometimes she’ll follow people around the house and hunker down in her bed, the couch, or sunbathe quietly inside. But if she thinks you’re leaving, she gets nervous and keeps an eye on you. She is very stressed when home alone though has reliably grown to manage under 4 hours crated and medicated.

While she can settle sometimes, Piper can get pretty anxious in the car because she anticipates that she’ll be left alone so her anxiety is present even when people are present.

Dog anxiety/aggression

No bite history. For the most part, she sees a dog, she wants to attack. She is unreliable with seemingly unprovoked attacks and also struggles with walking past dogs. She’ll never be a sit at an outdoor cafe sort of gal if other dogs are around. She does better when given space or if picked up and carried. She responds similarly to deer though is better with squirrels and other animals that you encounter in the yard or on walks.

Piper’s forever (think about a 10-year commitment) home needs to be a world as close to “people always, dogs never.”

  • To be with people that do not leave her alone often and only in short bursts (she does mostly okay with under 4 hours if crated with medication)
  • To be exercised daily, indoors or outdoors-she LOVES fetch
  • A fenced yard, preferable if next-door neighbors don’t have dogs roaming unsupervised
  • No other pets of any kind, no dog contact
  •  An extra piece of information for transparency’s sake, OMG this girl can shed! Embrace the color cream because you’ll be wearing a lot of it, but it’s worth it!

Piper’s adoption fee is $500 and you can apply for her on our website. It is going to take someone very patient and understanding to open their heart and home to this sweet girl who comes with some baggage.

Adoption Fee: $500

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