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Are you looking for a fun loving frenchie to add to your family- than look no  further! If you follow our rescue, you will know that Mojo came to us from South Korea needing medical help that wasn’t available in Korea 2 years ago. After successful surgery- he no longer has prolapses and is doing wonderful. Covid was hard to get him to where he is now because every time he had to see a specialist- we would get a different person and they kept trying so many meds it got to a point it was too hard to determine what was helping him and what wasn’t. We finally made a decision to try and wean him off as many of the supplements and meds as we could and get him healthy. With time and patience- he gets one med every 7 days and a strict prescription diet that he loves and thinks it isn’t just his daily meds but it is also a treat as well.

He LOVES other frenchies and loves to play and cuddle and going for walks.

He can be typical mouthy frenchie so no children under the age of 15. No cats or birds or other little pets because he has a wonderful prey drive and will keep your yard free of squirrels, bunnies and birds!

He does have to have his CBC checked to make sure his white blood cell count is good since he is on a chemo drug for his ibd and you do have to wear gloves to put his pill every 7 days in some of his canned food-but he is great about taking his meds and eating his meals. He loves car rides and loves our vet who has worked miracles to get him to be this happy healthy boy who loves life now. He even dances when he sees our vet- where during covid- it was a stressful event since we couldn’t go in for him and that would make his ibd worse! Don’t worry if Mojo understands English- his only memories of Korea are the love the rescue gave him while he was in their  care before we flew him out to us.

Mojo will be 3 years old on the 18th of May. We would LOVE if whomever adopts him continues to see the vet we use who got him to where he is currently medically, so he doesn’t go backwards. His meds has to be special ordered as it is compounded and he has to stay on his prescription diet for the rest of his life and get his white blood cell count checked every 6 months and if you stay that course- he will reward you with tons of love and playful days and bring a smile to you daily. He went from constant prolapses and explosive bloody diarrhea 10 times a day to 2 perfect poops a day- you can’t get any better than that!

His adoption fee is $900 and will come some of his current food and meds, leash, harness, favorite toys, heartworm meds for his first 2 months with you and his raised dog bed,( he will destroy regular dog beds if left unsupervised with them). He is microchipped- current on vaccines and all other medical needs. He just had his 6 month check up and his white blood cell count looks wonderful.

Are you ready to be entertained by one of the happiest- silly frenchie boys who is looking for his forever home- well then Mojo says, “what are you waiting for- fill out an application!”

Adoption Fee: $900

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