Stitch is a petite Frenchie with a big personality. She is smart, funny, and full of life and wants a home who will engage her mental and physical needs.

Stitch flew to Chicago from Texas as an owner surrender. She was purchased from a pet store. Her family soon realized their job commitments didn’t allow enough time to give Stitch the proper time and care that she needed. They made the hard and unselfish decision to give her up to rescue and find her a well deserving home where she would be the center of attention.

Stitch is cream colored and weighs about 20 pounds. She was born on 6/16/2013. This makes her 2 years old. When she came into rescue, she was already spayed and microchipped. She had scabs and itchiness on her skin, as well as some skin discoloration. More than likely, this was a result of an allergic reaction to poor nutrition. With a better diet and the help of some medicated baths, her skin has cleared up. She was also drinking a lot of water. Her foster mom was concerned about a UTI or bladder infection and the rescue had X-rays and a urinalysis done. There were no stones or infections, so no treatment was needed. More than likely this was due to her being crated for long periods of time, not able to drink when she wanted and have to hold her potty.

Stitch’s personality is spunky, loving, and energetic. She is no wallflower and likes to be actively doing something. She enjoys the other dogs in her foster home as well. These pups share toys very nicely with Stitch. If they have a toy, she usually wants it. She sometimes tries to be sneaky and take the other pups’ toys but is learning to be patient and wait until the other pup is done to take it. Her foster brother and sister don’t seem to mind when she gets a little too bossy. She does a very nice job of listening to corrections. When she plays, she usually makes the weird Frenchie yodeling sounds. This is all in good fun. She likes to play and wrestle with her foster mom too. After play time and walks, she does settle down nicely on her bed.

At her foster mom’s house, Stitch is taken outside on a leash. She enjoys going for walks and has excellent leash manners, not pulling at all. She likes to chase birds and bunnies too. While out in the neighborhood, she enjoys saying hi to all the neighborhood dogs and people but often adding some barking and jumping from her over excitement. This is something that her foster mom is working on. She responds very well to positive training using treats and affection.

At her foster home, she has shown with regular walks and potty breaks that she is 100% house trained. With proper exercise and playtime, she is comfortable in a crate when foster mom is away from home. Somedays a dog walker comes and she does well with them too. Stitch has free reign of the house when foster mom is home. She has been very trustworthy and looks to the other dogs for their good example of what to do or how to act.

Stitch has a healthy appetite and gobbles down her food. She can be a little pushy if the other pups are still eating and she is done. I would recommend feeding her away from other pups. She has learned to sit and wait for her bowl to be put down and to sit for a treat.

Stitch is a girl that just wants to have fun and be showered with love. Stitch would do well in many kind of homes. Stitch would be ok as an only dog, as she gets lots of enjoyment from her human. She also enjoys the company of other dogs too, dogs that would understand her Frenchie ways. Stitch says she wants a home that’s a little more active and where she doesn’t have to be alone for overly long periods of time. She had enough of that during her first two years of life. Stitch’s fun, comical ways would add love and laughter to your life. Do you have the time and energy for this special girl?
*All adoption fees include the dog being up to date on their shots, microchipped, heartworm tested and fecal tested, spayed/neutered, bed, collar and leash. Stitch’s ADOPTION FEE IS $750.00