Nico is a sweet French Bulldog that will easily work her way into a place in your heart. She is spunky and silly, but also loves to snuggle up with her foster parents and their resident Frenchie. She enjoys going for walks, playing with the resident Frenchie and loves to sit on her bed and chew on Nylabones. Nico has yet to find a dog or human that she doesn’t like. After years in the mill, she craves attention. She loves to follow her foster parents around the house and enjoys the pleasure of their company. Nico is also a fan of finding the sunniest spot on the porch to curl up and take a nap. While Nico is a wonderful dog, she is still learning boundaries and is looking for a home that can resist her adorable face long enough to correct her as needed. Nico does well with redirection and is a quick learner.

Feeding: Nico is currently on three-quarter of a cup twice a day of Orijen Tundra dry kibble. She eats all of her food but occasionally gets distracted so someone needs to stand near her while she eats to ensure that she eats all of her food. She also rarely becomes protective of her food and will food guard. Her foster parents have been working with her extensively on this and haven’t had an incident in weeks. But it is something that her potential forever family should be aware of.

Playing: Nico loves to play. She will occasionally even stand up on her hind legs and dance when she gets really excited. Nico loves to play with other dogs. She plays with the resident Frenchie in her foster home quite often, but she also loves to snuggle and relax. Nico is not a fan of balls and squeaky toys, but she does love to chew on bones. Nylabones are her absolute favorite.

Crate-training: Nico does have some separation anxiety that her foster parents have been working with her on. Nico does best with some bones and her bed left in the bathroom with the resident Frenchie and gated. Having a larger space and another dog around calms her nerves and makes her less anxious. She does best being left in a larger, safe area with another dog. When left alone in a crate, she will whine and cry. But left in the bathroom with some toys, water, a bed and another Frenchie, she is quiet the entire time until her foster family comes home.

Potty Training: Nico is 95% potty trained. As long as she is taken outside in regular intervals, she does well. Since she was in a mill for so many years, there is always the chance that she might have an accident in the house, but it is extremely rare.

Leash training: Nico is 100% leash trained. She loves to go for walks and loves to say hello to everyone that she meets. She does well on walks, but prefers to go to the bathroom off the leash when she is in the yard at her foster family’s home.

Children: Nico adores children. She would do well in a home with children that are toddlers or older.

In conclusion, if Nico sounds like the right fit for your family, please submit an application.
*All adoption fees include the dog being up to date on their shots, microchipped, heartworm tested and fecal tested, spayed/neutered, bed, collar and leash. NICO’S ADOPTION FEE IS $350.00