Dodger’s story is kind of a sad one- his mom passed unexpectingly and now needs a forever home where he will be loved dearly. He is a sweet old man that isn’t demanding and only wants love. His world, as he knew it has been torn upside down as he had been with his wonderful mom since he was just a puppy. He can be really choosy about other dogs-so he would love to find a home where he could live the rest of his life out as the prince he is. He is wonderful with children and loves to be loved on or just chill next to you.
Dodger had a dental today-so his teeth are shiny white and his breath is fresh and ready to give you frenchie kisses- are you the home for him to help heal his heart from loosing his mom?
Dodger is an extremely easy going, loving and affectionate frenchie. He’s 10 years old (healthy, neutered) and is the most laid- back, calm dog out there. He adores all people, and really just wants to cuddle 24/7. The best thing about him is that he actually smiles and his little stub tail goes wild whenever he’s greeting someone!

He is so well behaved and requires very little exercise (we take him on a quick slow walk around the neighborhood and he sleeps for hours!). He’s 100% potty trained and will stand by the door if he needs to go out again. We only feed him once a day, but he’s always open to treats 🙂 Furthermore, he will sit and shake paws for treats. He can be left alone in the house and will be laying in the same chair as where you left him. He also LOVES car rides and going on errands with you. Dodger sleeps through the night in his dog bed and the only noise he makes is his adorable snoring and sighs. He loves watching Netflix with us and he only barks when he hears someone at the door. Dodger is an old soul and just looking for love… He’s truly a blessing and any family would be so lucky to have him!
*All adoption fees include the dog being up to date on their shots, microchipped, heartworm tested and fecal tested, spayed/neutered, bed, collar and leash. Dodger’s ADOPTION FEE IS $150.00