male - young
Status: Available

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Male – young adult
Weight – 30 lbs
Status – available for adoption
Age: 3 yrs
Kids: Yes, 15+ yrs
Dogs: No resident dogs but walks well on-leash with dog friends and plays off-
leash with well-balanced dogs who are not mouthy.
Cats: No
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes

Housing requirement: Single family home with fenced yard preferred, family not
gone from home longer than 4 hours. Adopting family must live in Illinois, NW
Indiana or southern WI.


Training requirement: Adopters will be required to continue Hopper’s positive
reinforcement training classes, either through one of our affiliates or a facility
approved by CFBR.

Meet Hopper! Hopper started out life never knowing the love of a stable family.
He was given away and sold online numerous times, most likely due to his poor
gastrointestinal health which was never given proper medical care. CFBR saved
him, giving him the veterinary care he was lacking, and now Hopper is a
handsome, healthy, happy boy!

Hopper was in foster care for almost a year while his GI system was healed, he
was potty trained, and socialized with people and dogs. He was adopted into a
loving home but through no fault of Hopper’s or the family’s, he came back into

We have since been focusing on Hopper’s obedience training through classes
using positive reinforcement. This has been very fun since Hopper is healthy and
socialized, we get this time now to enhance his skills and abilities! He is very
smart and loves learning, as well as being class clown with lots of rolling around
and army crawls to garner laughs. It has become apparent that Hopper will need
to continue with this positive training to retain his comfort knowing his boundaries
and keeping his skill at self-control.

Hopper is healthy due to his strict prescription diet. No other food is allowed for
him except Hills ZD kibble, canned and treats, but he loves his food for meals
and training and has no worries about eating this food, he loves it and is thriving.
His new family must commit to this diet for his lifetime.

Hopper is a cuddle bug and loves to lounge with his humans and relax, but also
needs a family who will continue his training, walk him often, and take him many
places so he can be out and about and engage his mind. Hopper thrives on
knowing boundaries and expectations, and also having a full and diverse life.
While he may not be the couch potato home body type, Hopper is ideal for an
active home who would look forward to an adventure buddy, being out and
about, and having fun in training classes!

Adoption Fee: $750

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