In Memorium


I sent in a small donation for a friend's deceased dog. His dogs name was Pikachu. The friend is Vlad and Sveltlana Speransky. He was a great little dog, and his owners loved him to the end. They did everything in their power to make him comfortable and tried every modern miracle to no avail....
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Mulligan- he is a whole different boy now- he loves his frenchie brother and adores and so appreciates all that his new mom and dad have done for him. Look at how handsome he is now-yeah Mulligan!...
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Sunshine has been such a wonderful addition to my family! Since she's been in our home she has successfully used the stairs, been a beautiful walker, and become best friends with my sister's pup, Jacob! She even shares her crate now with little fred jr. They keep each other warm while mama is at work!...
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