Nathan is such a sweet cuddlebug!! At 40 pounds, he’s quite a big boy, but he is a gentle giant who is good with all dogs, adults, and children. He has embraced the idea of going potty outside and is even learning ‘wait’ and ‘hop in’ (to get into his crate). He is an expert level cuddler and wants nothing more than to be hanging out with his family. He takes treats with a very gentle mouth and he has shown not one single ounce of aggression. His first response when he met the resident dogs was to play bow and to immediately engage in play.

Nathan is very large for a frenchie, so he will definitely need a bigger crate for when his people are away.

He has quickly learned how to be on a leash and really enjoys ‘going outside to potty’. Nate’s ideal family would let him hang out with them at all times. He would do well in a home with or without a resident dog, and is quite successful with a family who works full time, as long as he has them in the evenings and on weekends. Nate has not shown destructive tendencies and really enjoys chomping on a nylabone.