Annie is a pied frenchie girl who came into our rescue as just a puppy- her new owner recently passed and now we are trying to find Annie a forever home where she can be loved for all of her odd behavior- such as wanting to kill lawn mowers and her separation anxiety. Please make sure you read ALL of Annies bio before applying for her- as cute as she is- she does have to have an understanding forever owner- as she is already dealing with loosing her mom who adopted her as a puppy!

Annie is a 3.5 yr. old Frenchie Snuggle Baby who loves to give kisses and cuddle. She’s a petite little girl with bursts of adorably cute energy. At times she resembles a bunny rabbit when she is excited. Annie Banani as my grandkids have lovingly named her, is such a sweetheart. She is extremely intelligent, obedient with the “sit” command, loves to ride in the car, and is very eager to please. She would make a perfect addition to an active family with kids, but she loves to snuggle too, so I could see her adjusting to the lap of luxury lifestyle with a retired person quite easily as well.

Annie is not fond of being crated, and for the first few minutes you will get to hear the infamous Frenchie death yodel. She will be just fine though, and likes it when I put a treat in there with her. I come home at lunch every day to feed her, love on her, and let her outside, before putting her back in the crate. If you have short baby gates and are planning to keep her confined to a certain area of the house, let me send you back to the previous paragraph excerpt “She is extremely intelligent”. She WILL find a way to escape your jail cell, and will happily, and victoriously bounce into the bathroom to patiently await your return from the “I couldn’t stand to be without you” abyss that is your shower. Because of her strong desire to be with her “persons”, I feel Annie would be happiest in a home where there is a stay at home mom, or retired person. She has adjusted to my work schedule, but I do feel guilty when I leave her. and she does have some pretty intense separation anxiety! That sweet face, innocent eyes, and adorable energy will pull at your heart strings before you even know what’s happening.

Annie-Bearz, as I like to call her (yes, she has stolen our hearts), has had a few small accidents in the house. She is coming along nicely with the potty issues, but I recommend that as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, go directly and let her outside.

To summarize, Annie has the potential to be a perfect dog. She is extremely smart, sweet, loving, cuddly, cute, comical, and very eager to please. She’s a small little girl, approximately 24 lbs., loves to travel, and is “fast as fast can be, you’ll never catch me”. She could possibly make someone an awesome agility dog. Annie just wants to be loved and cuddled though. 23×7 if you would let her (1 hr. a week for playtime).My personal recommendation is that Annie go to a home with a fenced yard, because if she gets loose, unless you have a chicken to stop her, she will be hard to catch. I also recommend that if possible, she goes to a home with a stay at home person that can spend the kind of time with her that she wants and deserves. She does very well with children.

Annie also has a strange obsession with lawn mowers and weed wackers and goes into kill mode and panic attack if she cannot get to it- best way to deal with that is take her for a car ride away from such activity- even if it is a neighbor cutting their grass!

If you think you are the ideal forever home for Annie who will work with her separation anxiety and her stress about lawn mowers and the fact that she doesn’t do well with other dogs- go to our website and complete our online application at: and complete our application. She is spayed and up to date on her vaccines- micro chipped and her adoption fee is $600.

Even with all her weird habits- she is really a love bug and wonderful with children of all ages and really wants a new forever mom, as she doesn’t quite understand why her other mom is no longer with us- as she went to the hospital and passed there and never came back home to Annie- so we understand why she is dealing with separation anxiety- will you?